Patrick Peterson

Sr. Database Programmer / Developer
(415) 763-7016

I am a highly skilled senior database programmer & data architect with a specialty in database design & development, systems integration, ETL, analytics, security and reporting. I have been coding using various technologies for over 20 years and have experience with nearly every aspect of running a business.


database / server

  • SQL / Stored Procedures / Triggers
  • SSMS / Profiler / Replication
  • Data Modeling & Masking
  • Mysql / Mirroring
  • Oracle
  • BerkeleyDB
  • memcache
  • Cassandra/NoSQL
  • Windows / Unix / Linux / FreeBSD / VM
  • SQL Server
  • Apache / IIS / SSL
  • Active Directory
  • Virtual Machine
  • Sendmail / Exchange / Exim
  • Jabber / XMPP
  • SSH
  • Much more...

development / languages

  • SDLC Principles
  • Agile PM
  • .NET / Visual Studio
  • MVC / EF / Repository Pattern
  • BASH
  • Business Objects
  • Tableau
  • SOAP
  • Perl
  • AJAX
  • jQuery / GULP
  • XML / JSON
  • Version Control: svn, cvs, git, VSS, etc.
  • T-SQL
  • PL/SQL
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • HTML 5 / SASS CSS3
  • COBOL/CobolScript
  • Many others...


Sanrio, Inc.

Sep, 2018
~ Present

Sanrio, Inc.

IT / DB Manager

El Segundo

Management of information flow, operation and programming activities, including network and systems design, procedures, and operations. Provides management direction and leadership in computer applications development and computer operations of the corporation as well as advice and counsel to management concerning new applications and technology.

Essential Functions:
  • Manages the activities involved with software maintenance and development to ensure optimal programs. Coordinates software development with other IT functions.
  • Provide recommendations to management for the purchase of new hardware and software to ensure the best product within the limits of corporate policy.
  • Assess management needs regarding information retrieval, information control, and the use of systems in company operations and processes.
  • Directs the preparation and installation of procedures and systems, including technical direction of computer operations and providing assistance in the format of management reports in order to maintain consistency and improve efficiency.
  • Database management of archived data files from legacy system i.e. Savant WMS and Lawson
  • Oversees the design, maintenance and implementation of the systems that manage an internal database.
  • Assess and implement new reporting tool to replace and convert legacy Crystal Reports and/or access archived SQL data files for ad-hoc analysis and reporting.
  • Provides user training on all applications used in order to improve productivity.
  • Manage and review scheduled jobs are ran and completed; and implementation of new jobs ensuring maximum efficiently for job turn-around and machine utilization.
  • Maintains professional contact with other companies, research bodies, and equipment manufacturers concerning computer applications and equipment.
  • Determines the degree of accuracy and security required in processing work under an automatic system.
  • Maintain, support and development of the Sanrio-Online B2B web site, particularly focus on technical aspects and data integration with Sanrio’s ERP systems and Third Party Logistic company.
  • Monitors and maintains software licensing and maintenance agreements. i.e. VOIP system and LifeSize Video Conferencing System; as well computer servers and software
  • Managing and reporting on allocation of IT budget
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Jan, 2016
~ Oct, 2018

PD Innovations, Inc.

President / Founder / Architect / Engineer

San Francisco

Responsible for designing and managing a flexible new B2B website for Sanrio Inc. (Hello Kitty). I put together a small team of front & back end engineers to deliver a modern, responsive website completely interfaced with their ERP. The architecture helped significantly increase their wholesale business by quickly adding special offer products through custom data uploads.
Since initial deployment, I have remained the primary developer for all new requests. Some of the technologies used are:

  • .NET/C#
  • MVC 5 & Identity Framework
  • Foundation 6 Framework
  • Gulp/jQuery/JS & SASS/CSS
  • GIT repo
  • SQL Server 2016 & IIS (DMZ deployed)
Sanrio, Inc.

Jan, 2015
~ Jan, 2016

Sanrio, Inc.

DBA / Report Developer

South San Francisco

Migrate all SQL Servers to SQL 2014. This included migrating all DTS packages to SSIS, and all Business Objects to SSRS. Prepared their B2B databases for the development of a new application, including new AS400 interface methods.

Charles Schwab, Inc.

Nov, 2012
~ Jan, 2015

Charles Schwab, Inc.

Sr. Data Architect / Manager

San Francisco

Developed reporting infrastructure to support their Business Intelligence requirements.
This included:

  • Complex data extraction methods
  • Develop user friendly tools for data upload & extracts
  • Agile method - worked closely with users to complete sprints

Other projects:

  • SSIS packages to feed data to
  • Work closely with developers to help design new applications
  • Create Tableau visualizations & dashboards
  • Build API applications to extract external vendor data

Simple Software

Jan, 2009
~ Oct, 2012

Simple Software, Inc.

Co-Founder / Data Architect

San Francisco

Self-funded startup specializing in Software as a Service. My role included designing data infrastructure for easily replicated online workspaces. I also worked with customers to gather requirements and develop solutions that met their needs. We created web tools so clients could develop their own workspace. Tools included:

  • DB Utility - generic database table tool
  • Automatic Form Builder - created/updated forms using table columns
  • Content manager - with built-in editor and version control
  • User Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Reporting Tool
  • much more...

There are still several companies using our hosted services. I'm especially proud of helping our family business grow 400% in less than five years. This was accomplished by working together to develop a SaaS solution that automated many business processes including:

  • Order processing
  • Scheduling
  • Automated dialer (using Twilio)
  • Billing
  • Payroll
  • Much more...
Sanrio, Inc.

Jan, 2009
~ Nov, 2011

Sanrio, Inc.

DBA / Report Developer

South San Francisco

Created application to feed data from their new warehouse management solution to their ERP and external vendors. Updated their SQL Server DTS packages, as well as modified their existing BO reports. I continue to support their reporting needs as they arise.

Charles Schwab, Inc.

Oct, 2008
~ Dec, 2008

Charles Schwab, Inc.

Oracle Database Developer

San Francisco

I was contracted to develop a sales program merging raw external vendor data with a proprietary sales system. This was developed in Oracle PL/SQL in a Linux environment. I was responsible for requirements gathering from internal and external sources; database design; code development; and testing. Extensive technical documentation and rigorous QA was required.

Univision, Inc.

April, 2004
~ Oct, 2008

Univision, Inc.

Database Applications Programmer

Dallas, TX

Worked closely and provided solutions for corporate executives by developing and maintaining custom applications and financial reporting.

  • Extraction: from multiple sources, including but not limited to, SQL and Oracle databases.
  • Transformations: Data Transformation Services, Data Integrator, custom .NET applications, PL/SQL, Oracle applications and complex SQL/stored procedures.
  • Load: consolidated view for analysis and reporting, web applications and Oracle Reports for financial users.

All custom requests that were not handled by software agreements were passed on to me for development. Maintaining data integrity and user confidence were a core objective.

Univision Radio, Inc.

Oct, 2002
~ April, 2004

Univision Radio, Inc.

Database Applications Programmer / DBA

Dallas, TX

Custom application development, database administration, network administration, application and desktop support, & new site builds were my primary responsibilities. I also managed our data warehouse and OLAP cubes containing AP/AR and GL information derived from Great Plains and Marketron systems.
My other responsibilities included creating and managing in-house applications. Most applications were created with an ASP front end, Active Directory security, and reinforced with a data security layer.

Oct, 2001
~ Oct, 2002


Report Developer / Database Administrator

Irving, TX

E-talk is a provider of call center software solutions. I was contracted by E-talk to develop custom Crystal reports for their customers including full lifecycle project management from quote to deployment. Database administration, Crystal Reports, VB and all IT implementations were my primary responsibilities. Reporting involved, but was not limited to, data warehousing, systems integration, and web development.

April, 2001
~ Sept, 2001

DSG Technologies, Inc.


Dallas, TX

My primary responsibility was as a solution provider for many industries through consulting services. Some of the solutions I provided include Web development, application development, database design, and reporting solutions in various environments. Reporting solutions were our main focus and DSG was Seagate's Partner of the Year for two consecutive years. I have implemented many enterprise reporting solutions including Seagate Info, and Crystal Enterprise and have integrated them with multiple databases including DB2, Oracle and SQL Server.

Nov, 2000
~ Mar, 2001

Steidlmayer Software

Software Developer

Chicago, IL

Functioned as multi-leveled software specialist. Located inside CBOT, my duties included development of trading software. Written in VB, it handled data requests for clients inquiring on stocks and futures. I also implemented a fully automated Help Desk solution; upgraded server/network & hardware/software; network administration including managing proxy and all web services.

Sanrio, Inc.

July, 1999
~ Oct, 2000

Sanrio, Inc.

IT Operations Supervisor

South San Francisco

My responsibilities included Network Administratior, support & enhancing LAN/WAN hardware, supervision of the PC technicians, AS/400 computer operators, and consultants. I was also purchasing manager for all hardware and software as well as the project lead for all development and enhancement needs.
Novell 4.11 server, Windows NT servers, two AS/400's, and over 100 Windows 95 and 98 PC's and laptops. I was involved in many projects that helped them to perform more efficiently. Some of the projects include moving from a DSL to a metered T1, upgrading their network backbone from hubs to switches, and working with the AS/400 systems programmer to integrate with multiple systems. I upgraded their design department from old 9600's to G4 workstations and upgraded all of the printers.
I implemented a SQL server with crystal reports. Supported the mail server, Internet Proxy. and all Network services and protocols.
Acquired EDI certification, implemented and managed new EDI solution. Integrate the EDI orders directly into our Lawson order entry system. I set up our VAN, handled interconnects with our Trading Partners, and created all message mappings for each document required. The documents were created in X12 4010 standards. We acquired Extol as our translator.

Aug, 1997
~ June, 1999

Walker Interactive Systems

Programmer / Analyst

San Francisco

Enhancement of the financial modules including Project Management Accounting and Budget forecasting, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order Entry, Processing and Distribution, and Inventory Management. In house development and providing technical support were the core responsibilities. The work involved analyzing, coding and testing new and existing features for better efficiency and optimization, as well as supporting the various releases. The programs were written in COBOL, Visual Basic and other Walker proprietary languages in an RDShare file control environment for DB2 / CICS / VSAM environments with MVS / VM as the operating systems.
Reporting Solutions
Involved in multiple projects to enhance the ability of data extraction for reporting purposes. Focus Reports that accessed DB2 tables using SQL. Developed Visual Basic forms that linked to COBOL using screen scrapes. Installation of the Direct Web product, which allowed the Walker CICS transactions to be accessed directly from the Web. This involved coding in COBOL, VBScript, and HTML commands.
Data Migration
Developed standard routines for the migration of customer data from one release of Walker financial to another. Analyzing Walker systems for performance and data corrections & testing the migration routines after generating test data were the core responsibilities.
Quality Assurance
Lead a team of professionals for system testing of the new releases and provided technical guidance and expertise as needed. Monitor the testing progress and job scheduling were my secondary responsibilities. This involved mainframe and client testing of financial applications and efficiency measurements.
Reengineered the Procurement system for YEAR 2000 compliance. This involved identifying the affected entities, mainframe field expansion, recode and testing client/server applications.


Computer Learning Center, SF, CA 1997
Computer Programming